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White Nile State Kosti

All visitors are welcome to the CDF website, where we hope that they can know about the organization’s mission, goals and ongoing interventions as well as documentary space to the implemented projects and activities.

Moreover, to know about the childhood; issues, concerns and prospect.

We believe that the huge number of children under abnormal conditions dictates institutionalized civil society response to tackle the phenomenon of homelessness and consequences of orphanhood, poverty, sick, illiteracy, homeless and family dispersion. They are also victimized to other consequences of vulnerability such as malnutrition, and impacted by the burden of different types of social exclusion and persecution and lack of appropriate preliminary social care and abnormal growth as vulnerable group, all that without crime committed by them.

We hereby to work for a comprehensive community commitment toward the child welfare and strengththe partnership for them

We also hope that this website would contribute to disseminate the awareness of child rights and build a constructive channel and partnership with all those concerned with the child protection, rights and welfare

Let us all together join our hand toward protective social environment for the children, their rights and, physical and moral integrity.


Dr. Omer Mukhtar

General Director



Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Criminal Law

2010 Child Law

National Commission Law for  Human Rights

Child Council Law

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