Beneficiaries form Vocational Trainings in Gadarif State

Khartoum: Oubai AHMAD

  Zahra Hessian is one of the beneficiaries of vocational training, which implemented by Child Development Foundation (CDF) in Gadarif State, funded by European Union, and supervised by Miss Galaxy for makeup.

  Zahra had a lot of skills in producing local perfumes; where she has a pre-experience in making incense. She continued her work during the training period, where she produced perfumes and sells it to her neighbors and partners in saving and loans society, that opportunity gave her a chance to improve here livelihood.

 When she has finished the training, and received work tools, which helped her to double her skills, she learned a new skill in producing and selling her productions in her village and beyond.

 She also sold her perfumes in ceremonies’ location; she participated in a comprehensive fair for beneficiaries of Vocational Training in Wad Al-hurt village in Gadarif State.