CDF confirms the importance of strengthening partnerships to protect children

Oubai Mustafa ALI

Khartoum: In its annual meeting, which held in Khartoum from 12 to 15 March 2018, Child Development Foundation CDF has reviewed the basic priorities of child care and protection and the ways of strengthening local and international partnerships’ programs in order to make positive progress in the issues of needy children.

        General Director of Child Development Foudation CDF Dr. Omar Mukhtar Gindeel confirmed CDF’s efforts to mobilize its expertise and resources together to achieve sustainable development goals, and strengthening child protection and care programs. He pointed to the importance of sound planning and effective program in facing the challenges that threatening children’s future. He said that the annual meeting offers an opportunity to review the strategic directives and promote collective thinking to accelerate the work towards child’s protection, In addition to developing an effective plans and programs that enhancing CDF’s mission to protect and advocate children's rights, Gindeel directed managers to insert sustainable development goals into futures projects and programmes, to ensure its sustainability in targeted areas. The meeting evaluates CDF Sub-offices work during previous period. Gindeel urged departments and Sub-office’s managers to work collaboratively to achieve the best interests of all children and to accelerate the work to reach the goals of the Sustainable development goals.

      The annual meeting insured the importance of strengthening international cooperation strategy and creating plans and programs that will provide a better future for children in a prosperous country, a stronger nation and a world that full of rights and protection.