CDF and Al Saraya Association motivate and inspire parents to protect Child from sexual harassment

Khartoum: Oubai Mustafa

Child Development Foundation CDF in collaboration with Al Saraya Association has organized a workshop on Child sexual harassment, to enable parents to protect their children form verbal or physical sexual harassment anytime, anywhere, and encourage them to exert more efforts to eliminate child sexual harassment generally, the workshop was attended by a large number of women, men, girls and students. The workshop has been organized to provide the necessary information and data on what are the best ways and methods offered to solve the problem of verbal or physical child sexual harassment.

The Lecturer Hind Mustafa Khalifa, she works at the University of Jeddah Department of Education and Psychology, called all mothers and fathers to be actively involved in their child’s life, in order to make warning signs of child sexual harassment more obvious and help the child feel more comfortable, while telling his them if something isn’t right. She encouraged parents to take immediate preventive action if they see or hear something that causes concern, she said that involving in child’s life and taking immediate action to protect child form sexual harassment is the best methods of solving verbal or physical child sexual harassment problems. Hind explained the proper ways to deal with the psychological, health and social impacts of sexual abused children, she said victims are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety as well as eating disorders later on in life. Hind warned parents form punishing sexual abused child, she said that victims may initially using defense mechanisms and coping skills to cover up their underlying feelings and need appropriate help to address their feelings. She said that the negative use of mass and social media, makes children vulnerable to sexual harassment. Hind initiated “don't touch me” campaign in Saudi Arabia, which aims to educate child to use self-protective and defensive methods that enable him to be responsible for his body and protect himself.

Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation hosted the workshop, which motivated and inspired parents to take precautions and early actions to prevent children form sexual harassment and managing the proper way of dealing with victims.


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