The project SDN2306 DRA – Acute Crisis Mechanism 2023 as described in the project proposal

State: Al-Jazeera . Sources of Funding: ZOA . Project duration: 6 Months . Beneficiaries: 6000 displaces . Activities: 1- Maintenance and rehabilitation of 3 water sources in shelter centers in East Al-Jazeera and Alhasahesa localities. 2- Providing the minimum amount of personal hygiene materials for 1,250 displaced families in shelter centers in East Al-Jazeera and … Read more

Increasing access to livelihood and employment opportunities to reduce vulnerability and reduce the risk of tension among Tigray refugee community and Doka community.

State: Al-Gedarif Sources of Funding: International Organization for Migration(IMO) Project duration: 6 Months Beneficiaries: 3,030 Individuals Activities: In Doka Admin Unit (Doka village) to increase livelihood and employment opportunities. 1- Agricultural supports ( rain-fed agriculture ) with the provision of improved seeds and farming tool along with Training introducing new technology and knowledge from environmental … Read more

WE-RISE! Women’s Empowerment for Resilience, Inclusion, sustainability and Environment

State: Kassala and Gedaref. Sources of Funding: Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). Project duration: 14 months. Beneficiaries: 29,150 women. Activities: 1- Enhanced entrepreneurial skills and improved financial literacy level of women and vulnerable people in kassala and gedaref states. 2- Enhanced opportunities to access new informal source of saving and funding for women and … Read more