CDF inaugurates and hands over Rural Court, Multi-Purposes Community Centre and Police Station in Kreinik Locality, West Darfur

On 5 November 2019, CDF, UNAMID and UNHCR inaugurated and handed over to State authorities a newly constructed rural court, multi-purposes community centre and rehabilitated police station at Sisi and Ganderine in Kreinik Locality, West Darfur. The ceremony attended by CDF’s General Director, Omer Mukhtar Gindeel, Police Commissioner in West Darfur, Deputy of Judiciary President, representative of UNAMID, UNHCR, UNICEF and UNDP, Executive Manager of Kreinik Locality, Director General of Social affairs Ministry in West Darfur, Director of Voluntary Repatriation, and community leaders. The constructed and rehabilitated project funded by UNAMID and UNHCR

Addressing the handover ceremony, CDF’s General Director, Omer Mukhtar Gindeel, said that the handover of a rural court, multi-purposes community centre and police station provide the opportunity for every child, man and woman to receive judicial and protection services. He commended the partnership between CDF and national and international partners. He reaffirmed CDF’s commitment to support children, vulnerable and people of concern in the region.

UNAMID and UNHCR’s representatives expressed their appreciation to CDF in implementing the project, which came as part of the UNAMID and UNHCR’s efforts to facilitating access to justice for remote and rural communities in Darfur. They said that the easy access to justice and protection services promotes and reinforces the principles of rule of law, through peaceful and legal means.

Speaking on the ceremony Police Director in West Darfur, said that he was very happy and thankful to CDF, UNAMID and UNHCR for rehabilitating Ganderine’s police station in Kreinik Locality, he valued the contribution of CDF, UNAMID and UNHCR to promotion of rule of law in Darfur, in collaboration with national partners.

Executive Manager of Kreinik Locality thanked CDF, UNAMID and UNHCR for their support to local communities in Darfur, noting that the projects are important to enhance justice and protection for local people.

In response CDF office Manager in West Darfur, Yassir Kowa expressed appreciation for local communities’ reputable hospitality. He committed continue to support child aspirations for a better tomorrow of peace, security and prosperity.