CDF and UNDP Sign Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus’ agreement

Child Development Foundations (CDF) has signed Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus agreement with UNDP, to provide services to refugees and host communities in “Kashafa locality, in White Nile State, which bordering South Sudan. The Project will start form August 2018 to April 2019, with total budget of USD 190,545.

During the ceremony CDF General Director, Dr. Omer Gindeel said that CDF will carry out the project activities in effective way, that let humanitarian, development and peace action come together for helping and supporting refugees and host communities in targeted areas, he explained that the number of the beneficiaries for the project is about 2284 persons, whom will get direct benefits from humanitarian and livelihood assistances in changing ways of working and pursuing sustainable and collective outcomes.

UNDP representative explained the project’s standard terms and conditions which included objectives, general responsibilities, financial arrangements, reporting and performance targets that will be carried out in two tranches.

The main objectives of this project is to create more social economic options as resilience and facilitate participatory approach within refugees and host community as well as returnees, Civil Society Organization will be strengthened and empowered through community networks approach.