Annual Meeting 2015

Child Development Foundation ( CDF ) had conducted it’s annual meeting within the period from 2/ Feb/ 2015 to 5/Feb/2015 . It’s held at CDF.HQ at Khartoum 2 .The meeting was intended to discuss the yearly reports, by the CDF HQ Staff together with delegations from the states headed by sub-offices managers.

CDF is accustomed to hold the annual meeting with participants from all states (Khartoum, west Darfur , South Darfur , Kassala , Gadarif ), to discuss the reports on previous year operations and activities, and also to present the next year plans

The last day of the meetings had witnessed the inauguration of CDF Electronic Site, and the signing of  Gadarif new project , which is funded by the EU. The occasion was attended by Representatives of the EU and TDH

All CDF staff were invited to enjoy recreational program at Khartoum ( Lewan ) central garden