Lifesaving and life-skills training agreement between UNICEF and CDF

UNICEF and Child Development Foundation (CDF) signed a twelve month agreement to run a programme for providing lifesaving assistance and life-skills training to South Sudanese children and adolescents in refugee camps in White Nile State.

Programmes officer, Siddiq Munalseed indicated that, the programme targets children refugee in Khor Alwaral SSR refugee camp in Alsalam Locality, and Alagaya SSR refugee camp in Algabalain Locality, in addition to Piloting adolescent life skills in seven camps and five communities. He said the total amount of the programme fund is 840, 370, 40 SDG, and the number of participants are 9,530 refugees children male and female, and 3050 adults male and female, in addition 4,000 children from hosting community male and female.

The main aims of this programme are to ensure that refugee children and adolescents in targeted areas and in areas affected by wars and conflicts benefit from quality and relevant training and have improved knowledge on life skills.