CDF concludes Life skills and football contests in White Nile State 12 December 2017

Kosti – Child Develop Foundation CDF has confirmed the importance of life skills programmes, in enhancing and empowering infant’s life skills to face the daily challenges and it helps them to develop their spoken and listening capacities and skills.

    Programme Coordinator in CDF Sub-office in White Nile State Ammar Elshaikh said during the closing ceremony of life skills development programme, conducted for adolescents in refugees camps in White Nile State, he said that the programme which funded by UNICEF targeted 1,472 adolescents in refugee’s camps, he explained that the training courses covered, psychological support, life skills, music instruments manufacturing, public health, in addition to football and basketball contests, in which “Alaliaghia” and “Alradees” teams won the cups.  Ammar confirmed the role of life skills programmes in developing and enhancing adolescents’ psychological and behavioral capacities and allow them to face daily life challenges, and enhancing their capacities to establish healthy and sound relation with their peers, families and local community individuals, in order to overcome dangerous behaviors, and resist their peers pressure to dealing with drugs and committing crimes.

     Life skills programmes prepare adolescents and make them ready for expressing their thoughts, developing their personal capacities and listening skills, and empowering their knowledge and understanding of national value, culture and democracy.