CDF conducts training courses for family and child protection in Kassala State.

Child Development Foundation Sub-office in Kassala State has conducted a training courses for the Staff of Family and Child Protection Unit and people of concern on Child Law of the year 2010, and the unified procedures in dealing with family and child protection issues in addition to understanding the work of family and child protection partners in the state, the courses targeted sixty-six beneficiaries.

The manager of CDF Sub-office in Kassala State Ahmed Shekina said that the training courses, which held in the periods from 01 to 05/April/2018 and from 15 to 19/April/2018, were a part of ongoing activities for enhancing child protective environment in Kassala State, He noted that the courses organized in partnership with Child Welfare Council in the State. Shekina said that the targeted beneficiaries trained in filling and dealing with the prepared forms for family and child protection, he pointed out to the continuous efforts locally and nationally to establish a unified service center, which will deliver its unique services to the public in the way that will enhance family and child protection in the State, he said that the unified service center will be operated by the trained employees and people of concern from government side to accelerate the work of family and child protection and to achieve welfare plan in Kassala State.