CDF takes part in the foundation meeting of Arab Union for Humanitarian Work in Egypt

Child Development Foundation CDF took part in the foundation meetings of Arab Union for Humanitarian Work and Sustainable Development which held in Cairo, Egypt on Saturday 28/04/2018, in the presence of 13 countries and hundred voluntary and charitable dignitaries.

The constituent Assembly has selected the Egyptian Maisa al-Hashimi as president of the union and vice presidents from the 13 participating countries. the Sudanese Al-Safi Salem selected as vice president representing Sudan.

Sudan won three seats in the union’s board of directors represented by Al-Safi Salem, Dr. Abedah Mohammed Atta Al-Manan and Amer Ali. The constituent Assembly meeting witnessed extensive presence of National Organization.

Vice President of Arab Union for Humanitarian Work and Sustainable Development Al-Safi Salem praised the effective and meaningful participations of the National Organizations in deliberations and voting in the constituent Assembly meetings.

Salem considered the winning of three seats in Arab Union’s board of directors as important step, especially in the field of voluntary and humanitarian work, he said that Sudan has a large role, which requires achieving successes, particularly in Arab and regional forums.

Salem pointed out that Arab Union is working to consolidate the concept of sustainable development in humanitarian work and to achieve the leadership of societies in spreading the culture of social solidarity and early warning in managing disasters and risks that facing fragile societies, as well as developing communities’ capacity in Arab countries and union’s membership