CDF celebrates the graduation of 120 adolescents in Al-Gezira State

Child development foundation CDF has celebrated the graduation of 120 adolescents form a vocational and Hand Work skills training courses, and the distribution of the work aides in Al-Gezira State, in the presence of representatives form Education, Agriculture, Youth and Sport ministries and Judiciary, Security, Child and Family Protection Unit and Civil Society Organizations.

The Minister of Social Affairs in Al-Gezira State, Alfatih Bushra praised the big role that CDF fully plays in the field of child protection and the capacity building, he reiterated the state government support and motivations to the effective initiatives that targets the poorest community in the State.

CDF General Director, Omer Gindeel congratulated the skilled graduates, he hoped that the acquired skills will help them to increase their families’ income and change their life situation in the state, he said CDF has been paying special care and protection for child issues in order to create future generations. Gindeel explained that the training course is a part of reintegration of demobilized and vulnerable child project’s activities in Al-Gezira State, which funded by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) an implementing in collaboration with Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (DDR).

The head of CDF Sub-office in Al-Gezira State, Hyam Omer explained that the number of targeted beneficiaries were 120 adolescents, 60 of them have completed prescribed courses in the fields of cars mechanics, general electricity and Welding and packaging. She said that another 60 adolescents have also completed the prescribed courses in food manufacturing, beauty works and different hand work skills, Hyam thanked the Vocational training administrations in Madani and Al-Hayesahayesa and agriculture administration for the implementation of the training course, which extended for three months.

At the end of the celebration, The Minister of Social Affairs in Al-Gezira State and Child Development Foundation CDF General Director distributed the certificates to the graduates form the training courses in Al-Gezira State.