UNICEF visits Reintegration of Demobilized Child Project in Al-Gezira State

Khartoum: Oubai AHMAD

UNICEF’s representative Mahgoub Kalfallah conducted a two-day visit to Child Development Foundation Sub-Office in Al-Gezira State, during his visit, he held a joint meetings with CDF Sub-Office team at Child Friendly Spaces with community committees, social workers and facilitators, the meetings discussed ongoing programmes and activities as a part of Reintegration of Demobilized Child Project, which funded by United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF.

UNICEF’s representative and CDF Sub-Office team in Al-Gezira State attended a workshop to prepare unified reporting matrix for female genital mutilation program in Madani city capital of the State. They visited reintegrated child in their homes and workplaces. They also visited separated and unaccompanied children in the Al-Hasaissa Locality.

UNICEF’s representative praised Child Development Foundation, CDF efforts to implement Reintegration of Demobilized Child Project in Al-Gezira State, he promised to facilitate and provide all necessary aids for Child Friendly Spaces which offer children opportunities to develop, learn, play, build and strengthen their life skills.