CDF conducts a five-day Mobile Journalism Training course

Khartoum: Oubai AHMAD

 Child Development Foundation Director General Omer Gindeel said Mobile journalism offers numerous advantages for Non-governmental organizations NGOs. He mentioned that, these benefits, however, will only materialize if CDF’s staff are well trained for going mobile.

  Gindeel confirmed in closing ceremony of Mobile Journalism training which conducted at CDF Headquarter in Khartoum for Sub-offices’ staff, he confirmed that all CDF staff must get the necessary technical training required to use mobile devices for development news purposes, he said these technical competencies must be accompanied by core journalism skills such as storytelling, corroboration and verification, and packaging content for mobile devices.

  CDF has highly skilled staff on mobile journalism who are innovating the way stories are being covered. By producing content with up-to-date smartphone tools and by continuously improving their skills, the staff are constantly experimenting with new ways of field covering and reporting, they acquired skills of newsgathering, verification, editing, publishing and engagement. The trainees produced a documented film with smartphones on the 2018 mobile Journalism training which took place in CDF Headquarter in Khartoum, they applied acquired skills in using smartphones to generate effective stories and lesson learned.