CDF Staff participate in Mixed Migration Protection Training in Eastern Sudan

    This needs making Welt Hanger helfe and Danish Refugee Council in collaboration with RedR UK Sudan Country Office to organize five day training on mixed migration protection, targeted 32 participants from Child Development Foundation (CDF), Refugee and Humanitarian Commissions, World Vision organization in addition to local partners and migrants representatives in Kassal State. The training aimed at exchanging information, analysis and enhancing inter-agency cooperation and networking among participants as a necessary prerequisite for effectively addressing the various protection challenges of managing mixed migratory movements in Eastern Sudan States.


Khalid Ishaq and Manhil Musa were participants representing Child Development Foundation (CDF); they said that the training was a chance for participants to learn from each other’s experience to further enhance cooperation among all humanitarian partners providing protection to mixed migrants in Sudan.


They (Khalid & Manhil) thanked Welt Hanger helfe, Danish Refugee Council and RedR UK for organized such fantastic training that enable them building and developing their inter-personal cooperation and networking on mixed migration protection.

During the training sessions, Khalid and Manhil informed participants about CDF goals and its effective contribution in the field sustainable development projects, trainings and providing psychosocial support for internal displace person (IDPs), refugees, and asylum seeker since 199 in Sudan.