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Ali Mohammad Ibrahim a 25 year old man from Tadamoon community  he is one of seven members household three of them children.

Ali`s previously  worked in  mobile phones accessories where he gains 350 SDG monthly, but after finishing training course on mobile maintenance conducted by above mentioned centre in the scope of EU food security action /vocational training component.  Ali got new vocation he managed to set his own business, his income jumped to 4500 SDG per month now. This enables him to support his family and educate his brothers and sisters. That would not be happened without EU support and the good implementation of CDF and partners.

 As part of the activities of the EU funded project “Promoting Resilience to Increase Food Security in Vulnerable Communities of Gadarif State”, a training opportunity was presented to youth from ten communities where CDF operates. More than 1000 (both men and women) applied to the integrated program that was designed to accommodate the needs of the applicants.  502 of them graduated. 22 training sessions in 14 different specializations were delivered to the groups. The men were trained on maintenance of mobile devices, General electricity, Welding, Mechanics, Vehicle electricity, refrigerating, painting and motorbike maintenance  and refrigerating and  Ventilation, while women were trained on Henna design, hair styling, food processing, handicrafts, sewing and clothing, and local Sudanese perfumes  . The trainings were delivered in collaboration with Ms. Galaxy Beauty Centre and Administration of technical education, Ministry of Education among other implementing partners.CDF mobile vocational training centre is one of them this centre established in Kassala as an on back ground of EU food security project in Kassala state (Bricks) which concluded on July 2015.



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